Most interesting Species


Platalea leucorodia

This bird presents one of the strangest and most flamboyant beaks using it as a "spatula" to sweep through the mud and water in search of food.




Ardea cinerea

Imposing, with its long grey neck, this heron is often the largest water bird that the eye can see.

Because of the ease with which it is observed, is often one of the first species to be seen by those starting bird watching.

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Black-necked grebe 

Podiceps nigricollis

A small aquatic bird from the family of divers; extremely active in search of food as it performs repetitive dives, and being an excellent swimmer.

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Black-headed seagull

Ichthyaetus melanocephalus

Adults are characterized by their pure white wings, by their feet and their red beaks, and during the nesting season, the black hood.

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